Bamboo Hut (Sylvan Lake, AB) – Skewer some Pad Thai with Tom Yum

Often times, we try a restaurant because somebody we knew gave a glowing review or a suggestion to try. Such was the case with Bamboo Hut. My wife’s coworker told her that Bamboo Hut was her favorite place in Sylvan Lake so we decided to head out there on a weekend for lunch.

The restaurant is just off Lakeshore Drive, behind the Big Moo. Inside, there is a modern and clean, simplistic atmosphere conveying a sense of Asia.

Bamboo Hut Interior

Bamboo Hut - Decor

My wife ordered a Tom Yum soup to start. It is a hot and sour shrimp and coconut broth soup with mushrooms and abalone. It had a one-chili warning next to it on the menu indicating a degree of heat.

Bamboo Hut - Tom Yum

My wife found the Tom Yum soup more creamy with a predominant coconut flavor (a newer variation) akin to coconut curry. There are a variety of Tom Yum soups of which she prefers the ones with a more acidic tone.

We decided to share a Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai as it was a good test of a Thai restaurant. The menu described the Pad Thai as fried noodle with sweet and sour sauce. From a traditional point of view, a pad thai consists of stir-fried noodles tossed in eggs and firm tofu with a sauce made from fish sauce, tamarind, dried shrimp, chili pepper, palm sugar, shallots, and other vegetables. Often times, like a lot of Thai and Vietnamese dishes, peanuts are served alongside.

Bamboo Hut - Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai

The Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai was plated cleanly with a nice dusting of crushed peanuts on top. On taste, the shrimp was decently cooked while the chicken was moist, but did not have the Pad Thai flavors infused within. It was a nice, flavorful dish that was crafted with a western style rather than staying true to authenticity. For me, so long as there are great flavors and balance to the dish, authenticity is not critical.

We also ordered 3 Skewers of lemongrass beef, BBQ pork, and satay chicken which came with a Khmer Spring Roll (technically, an egg roll).

Bamboo Hut - 3 Skewers

Each skewer had beautiful charred marks that elevated the meats while still maintaining a moist center. Of the three skewers, the satay chicken was our favorite as the satay flavor came through nicely. The accompanying Khmer Spring Roll was smaller than a typical Vietnamese egg roll (which in all essence it was). The egg roll was deep-fried properly, maintaining a crispy skin while not holding too much grease.

Bamboo Hut - Satay Chicken Skewer

Bamboo Hut - Lemongrass Beef Skewer

Bamboo Hut - BBQ Pork Skewer

Bamboo Hut - Khmer Spring Roll

With the bill, we received a FruitGo Lychee Candy which was surprisingly delectable.

Bamboo Hut - FruitGo Lychee Candy

Bamboo Hut is a nice restaurant that offers asian flares and flavor, yet staying on the safer side to serve their demographics. From speaking to the chef/owner, I found out that his brothers also own Blue Dragon restaurant and the newer Sophear restaurant with each tailoring the menu to their own style. I look forward to trying the other restaurants in the future to see how their styles compare.


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3 thoughts on “Bamboo Hut (Sylvan Lake, AB) – Skewer some Pad Thai with Tom Yum

  1. Bamboo Hut Family says

    Hi ToothFoodie,

    Thank you for your review of us over here at Bamboo Hut. It was a pleasure reading your blog review and about your dining experience with us. Here at Bamboo Hut, we are passionate about celebrating vibrant, fresh flavours, and sharing our family recipes, inspired by our traditional roots of Cambodia with a fusion of the cultural flavours throughout Southeast Asia. We love what we do, and we are glad you did too!

    We look forward to serving you and your wife again soon, as well as hearing your thoughts and dining experience about our other family restaurants, Blue Dragon and Sophear Restaurant in Red Deer! Please feel free to stay connected with us and keep in touch. Find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at

    From our family to yours, thank you once again!

    • Hi Irene,

      Egg Rolls are deep-fried while Spring Rolls are not. However, I find that restaurants often call egg rolls spring rolls, especially in Chinese restaurants.

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