Boston Pizza (Red Deer, AB) – Burger, Wings, and Yam Fries, Oh My!

When I was younger, I actually thought Boston Pizza originated in Boston. Little did I know that it wasn’t even a US company and even present in Boston. Boston Pizza was, in fact, started by a Greek immigrant in Edmonton, Alberta. Who would ever guessed that.

In Red Deer, we have 2 Boston Pizzas with one on the north end and one closer to the south side. The south end Boston Pizza is more centrally located so we decided to head to that one for a light late lunch.

Inside, the atmosphere was warm and cozy like a den. Boston Pizza colors were used and appeared consistent with other Boston Pizza’s that I have visited.

Boston Pizza Interior

Boston Pizza Interior 2

Boston Pizza Interior 3

Boston Pizza Interior 4

We decided to start off with a plate of Ragin’ Cajun Fried Wings.

Boston Pizza - Ragin' Cajun Fried Wings

The wings came piled on top of a lettuce leaf, no doubt used for color contrast. The fried wings were hot and crispy. Dusted with plenty of cajun spices, they definitely packed some heat. Thanks to its size, they came out with plenty of juice intact.

We also ordered a side of Yam Fries served with chipotle mayo.

Boston Pizza - Yam Fries

The Yam Fries were crispy thanks to an outer coating while still maintaining a moist center. They paired well with the chipotle mayo dip. We do have to say that that Earl’s yam fries were just a bit better by having a better crispy exterior to moist interior ratio.

Boston Pizza - Chipotle Mayo Dip

For the main course, we decided to split a Double Bacon BBQ Burger. It was described as a 100% Canadian half-pound prime rib beef patty topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles and Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce. We chose a garden salad as a side since we ordered yam fries separately.

Boston Pizza - Double Bacon BBQ Burger

The burger arrived open face which appears to be the norm these days. The toppings looked fresh and vibrant though I could tell the bacon was not as crispy as I would have preferred.

Boston Pizza - Double Bacon BBQ Burger Closeup

The beef patty was thick, but a bit uniform in shape. Taste-wise, it was meaty, but moist. It would have kicked it up a notch if there was some added charred flavor. As for the Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce, it was minimal in appearance, but, nevertheless, made its presence known.

Boston Pizza - Double Bacon BBQ Burger Closeup Half

The garden salad was mainly lettuce with some diced tomatoes tossed on. It made us feel that the course was lighter than it would be otherwise.

Boston Pizza - Garden Salad

My wife insisted on dessert as the Chocolate Brownie Addiction caught her eye earlier. It was described as a warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce. My wife is a sucker for brownies, especially when described as warm.

Boston Pizza - Chocolate Brownie Addiction

When the dish arrived, I was impressed by the sheer size. The brownie was a thick piece covered with 2 big scoops of ice cream, whip cream on either side, and drizzled with colorful streaks of caramel and chocolate.

The brownie was warm and soft in the center with a drier texture on the exterior which went well with the cold ice cream. Not whip cream fans, we left most of it untouched. As for the caramel and chocolate streaks, we found the combination of the brownie and the ice cream sweet enough already so we saw those streaks more for eye candy.

Boston Pizza is a great place to drop by on a whim for some light snacks or a casual meal. We are keeping their Chipotle BBQ flavor wings in mind for next time.


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