Chef Francisco Pub and Grill (Sylvan Lake, AB) – Burger and Donair in the Sun

We often drive to Sylvan Lake to take in the lake view. While walking along Lakeshore Drive, we decided to have lunch and the upper patio of Chef Francisco Pub and Grill caught our attention.

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill has 2 floors with the top floor being the open sky patio. The lower floor was dark and despite the wall-to-wall tinted glass, felt like the pub portion of the restaurant name.

Seating on the patio was tight as the floor did not extend across the entire restaurant footage. However, the view made up for it as you can see the beach and lake which is beautiful on a summer’s day.

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill - Lake View

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill - Lake View 2

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill - Menu

My wife wanted something different and despite my insistence to avoid ethnic food in an “American” restaurant, she ordered the Donair Wrap. It was described as containing spicy beef, romaine lettuce, bacon, herbs, croutons, parmesan cheese, and house made caesar dressing wrapped up in what I believe is a tortilla. Fries were served on the side.

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill -  Donair Wrap

The Donair Wrap arrived diagonally cut which presented nicely. The donair meat was a bit dry, though I cannot imagine a fresh vertical rotisserie in the kitchen like one would see at a Donair Restaurant. It also did not exhibit much heat.

The lettuce, on the other hand, was fresh and crunchy which helped lighten the donair meat. There was a good amount which helped deflect a potentially greasy and meaty meal. The caesar dressing was welcomed, but more would have helped balance the drier donair meat. On that note, I would like to point out that this dish should be considered a westernized donair wrap as traditional donair wraps do not contain caesar dressing, bacon, nor croutons (though the bacon and croutons were minimal and didn’t add much to the wrap).

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill - Donair Wrap Closeup

The fries were starchy and mildly crispy. The gravy was welcomed.

Given that the restaurant has “bar” and “grill” in its name, I decided to go with a burger. I ordered the Santa Fe Chicken Burger which was a chicken breast topped with swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and burger sauce. Fries were served on the side as well.

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill - Santa Fe Chicken Burger

The burger came open face which helped fill up the plate. The tomato slice drew my attention right away as it was the thickest slice of tomato that I have ever received on a burger. That impressive tomato slice imparted a lot of moist and crunchy texture to the burger. It was most definitely appreciated.

Chef Francisco Pub and Grill - Santa Fe Chicken Burger Closeup

The chicken breast was on the drier side which is typical when cooked without skin on. This is where other ingredients, such as the tomato slice, help balance the drier texture. The melted cheese also helped by providing a gooey moist layer. Speaking of the cheese, it appeared to be american cheese.

Lastly, the bacon was a home run. I could tell right away that it was crispy because it maintained form as it dangled on either end of the burger. I don’t understand how some restaurants manage to serve limpy bacon. Kudos to Chef Francisco Pub and Grill for the x-large tomato slice and crispy bacon.

The fries that I received were the same as my wife’s and were finished with the gravy.

Given the vicinity to the lake, Chef Francisco Pub and Grill’s target audience is College kids who are looking for a place to enjoy the view and have a couple drinks with their friends. With regards to food, I think their strengths are their pub food such as burgers and appetizers.


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