It’s All Greek To Me (Red Deer, AB) – Lamb Souvlaki From a Restaurant Worth Supporting

It’s surprising that I haven’t posted a blog about It’s All Greek To Me considering it’s the restaurant that my wife and I frequent most often besides Earl’s in Red Deer. We love the family that owns this restaurant. The son and daughter work really hard and are always there to make sure the restaurant is running on full speed. The daughter is especially wonderful and remembers us every time, offering extras whenever we dine-in or takeout.

It’s All Greek To Me is located on Gaetz Avenue, in the plaza next to the tallest apartment building in Red Deer. The plaza includes Shiso Japanese Restaurant, Red Star Chinese Restaurant, and Post Time Lounge (same owner for all 3).

It’s All Greek To Me

Inside, the colors white and blue are used extensively, showing the pride of Greece. Greek theme decor also surrounded the dining area to help transport the atmosphere to the Mediterranean country.

It’s All Greek To Me Interior

It’s All Greek To Me Interior 2

It’s All Greek To Me Interior 3

We were greeted warmly and handed menus as usual by the daughter.

It’s All Greek To Me - Menu Front Side

It’s All Greek To Me - Menu Back Side

It’s All Greek To Me - Water

With all meals, a homemade soup is included. For this particularly visit, they had our absolute favorite soup which consisted of chicken stock, chicken, rice, and a hint of lemon.

It’s All Greek To Me - Chicken Rice Soup

It is a beautiful soup that alone draws us to the restaurant. The homey flavors are present and certainly a welcome start to a good meal. In fact, when my wife was sick, this was what she wanted to eat so I would drop by just to order a few bowls of soup.

It’s All Greek To Me - Chicken Rice Soup Closeup

For lunch, we ordered our usual favorite, the Lamb Souvlaki Skewer, which came with house style rice, lemon roasted potatoes, Greek or Caesar salad and Tzatziki sauce. We opted for Caesar salad.

It’s All Greek To Me - Lamb Souvlaki Skewer

The Lamb Souvlaki Skewer was moist and tender while nicely grilled with plenty of charred flavor. No gamey taste was detected which sometimes can happen with lamb.

It’s All Greek To Me - Lamb Souvlaki Skewer Closeup

The Caesar salad was generous and definitely homemade. You can tell the difference between lettuce shredded in-house and those that comes in a bag. The croutons were light and crispy, not hard like store-bought croutons. The Caesar dressing was ample, coating everything properly so no bite was plain or bland.

It’s All Greek To Me - Caesar Salad

The rice was cooked perfectly while retaining plenty of moisture and packed full of flavor. I can eat the rice alone thanks to the inherent flavors. That’s good rice when you can do that.

The lemon roasted potatoes were cooked thoroughly and could be separated with a fork alone. There was definitely a lemon undertone which when paired with the Tzatziki sauce, balanced the starchy potato well.

It’s All Greek To Me - Rice and Lemon Roasted Potatoes

We also ordered the Lamb Souvlaki Wrap which came with the same sides as the Lamb Souvlaki Skewer dish.

It’s All Greek To Me - Lamb Souvlaki Wrap

The one thing common about Greek restaurants is that you can never leave hungry. Such is the case here as the dish was filled to the edges which made looking at it filling already.

The Lamb Souvlaki Wrap had a wax paper surrounding it for easy pick-up. These are the little touches that make It’s All Greek To Me so endearing. The pita was soft, pillowy, yet crispy on the outside thanks to some time on the grill. Like the Lamb Souvlaki Skewer, the lamb was moist, tender and without any gamey taste. The lamb was slathered with plenty of Tzatziki sauce which gave a nice contrast of hot and cold while ensuring plenty of moisture through every bite.

It’s All Greek To Me - Lamb Souvlaki Wrap Closeup

Everything else was the same and as good as in the Lamb Souvlaki Skewer dish.

I have visited them many times over, but cannot blog every visit due to the fact that we often ordered the same dishes. Believe me, this is one family and one restaurant worth supporting on a regular basis.


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