Extreme Pita (Red Deer, AB) – Pulled Pork Flatbaked Pita

Before I moved to Alberta, I have never heard of Extreme Pita. I was familiar with their competition, The Pita Pit, and frequent it on occasion. It helped that there was one near where I went to school.

Looking at the Extreme Pita web site, I felt like I have lived in a hole. Apparently, there are locations across Canada and the United States.

On this particular occasion, I saw a promotion for a new item at Extreme Pita. The coupon was advertising the new Pulled Pork Flatbaked Pita for $7. Please be aware that this visit was a long time ago so things may have changed. I went through their web site and pulled pork was not listed anymore.

When I walked in with the coupon, the staff were very friendly and helpful. They gladly took my coupon and proceeded to make the order. I had requested take out so that I could take it home and take photos comfortably.

One aspect that I appreciate from restaurants like Subway, Quizno’s, ┬áThe Pita Pit, and Extreme Pita is the open kitchen concept that allows customers to watch their orders being made. First, the staff member took out a pita and slathered BBQ sauce generously across. Then he took out a plastic container of pre-made pulled pork from the refrigerator and using a ice cream scoop, placed a big cup of pull pork on a pita. He spread it around evenly and added apple cubes, cabbage slaw, and shredded cheddar cheese over top. Then the pita went into the conveyor oven, similar to the ones used by Domino’s Pizza. After several minutes, my flatbaked pita was ready. It was packed into an unmarked pizza box and off I went home. The aroma was tempting throughout my drive. Luckily, I had the patience to wait until I completed my photos before chowing down.

Once I got home, I wanted to take a photo of the box. It was perfect for their flatbaked pita menu items.

Extreme Pita - Pulled Pork Flatbaked Pita - Box

Upon opening, the aroma was even more intense and I definitely thought of taking a bite and just capturing the uneaten side upclose.

Pulled Pork Flatbaked Pita

On my first bite, I really noticed the crispiness of the pita used in place of pizza dough (come on, it even looks like a pizza). I am a big fan of thin crust pizza so the pita was a perfect medium to support the toppings. The pita was airy, light, and thin. Even now, I can remember how crispy it was. It made an impression on me.

Pulled Pork Flatbaked Pita Upclose

As for the toppings, I knew what to expect. I did observe everything cold coming straight out of the refrigerator. They were likely centrally mass produced and delivered to each franchise. Honestly, other than in a Southern BBQ restaurant or down south, can one expect fresh, homemade pulled pork?

The pulled pork did not have a defined meat texture. Rather, it appeared to have a paste form. However, the soft texture contrasted well with the crisp pita base.

Pulled Pork Flatbaked Pita Thin Crust

The BBQ sauce was tangy which helped cut the richness of the pulled pork and the cabbage slaw further lighten the meal. The cheddar cheese, on the other hand, tug back the acidity of the BBQ sauce to the right level.

I especially appreciated the addition of apples cubes. Each time I bit into a piece of apple, it was a nice burst of crisp freshness that complimented the pulled pork and BBQ sauce.

Pulled Pork Flatbaked Pita Thin Crust 2

Despite the pre-made toppings, I was surprisingly pleased with the flatbaked pita. Overall, I thought it was delicious though it is no light meal by any means. One thing I would suggest is to eat it quickly as the pita loses its crispiness (except at the uncovered edges).

Even if the pulled pork is no longer on the menu, I would go back for any of the flatbaked pitas. It is a great medium and better alternative to a wrapped pita.


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