Tiffany’s Steakhouse and Lounge (Red Deer, AB) – Work Christmas Dinner

For Christmas, my workplace decided to celebrate at Tiffany’s Steakhouse and Lounge. I heard through the grapevine that Sam’s Cafe North, Tiffany’s Steakhouse and Lounge, and Monsieur Wong’s Tap House Pub and Grill were all owned by the same person.

I have been to Tiffany’s years ago, but in the past, I forgot my camera so I missed the opportunity to share my dishes with you.

Parking is plenty as usual in Red Deer. Upon entering, you will find the interior dimly lit. We sat in the far back and I have to admit that I had trouble focusing my camera due to the dark atmosphere. I did appreciate the warmth in the restaurant since that particular night was an especially cold one. On that note, I will digress and point out that the washroom was even warmer. This was most likely due to the fact that the heat must be pumped directly in there while having no place for the cold outside to compromise the heat unlike in the rest of the restaurant where heat was lost through the large glass windows.

So drinks were ordered. No photos were taken.

From the set three-couse menu, we had a choice of 2 salads. Most, if not all of us, chose the Caesar Salad.

Tiffany's Steakhouse and Lounge - Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce was used which is my preferred choice in a caesar salad. It tasted fresh and retained the crisp that one expects from fresh lettuce. As you can see from the photo, the lettuce was dressed plenty with caesar dressing. I would not be surprised if the caesar dressing came out of a bottle. Do any restaurants even make their own caesar dressing? Nevertheless, it tasted like a typical caesar salad.

The bread crumbs were crispy and added more texture to the salad. Sometimes I find bread crumbs that are stale or hard as rock. I am glad the ones that Tiffany’s used were not the case. Thinly shredded mozzarella was sprinkled overtop which completes the basic checklist of ingredients in a caesar salad.

Next on the set menu was the entree. For the main course, we had a choice of 3 dishes: baked salmon, prime rib, or sirloin steak. Since I have tried the prime rib in the past, I decided to go with the Sirloin Steak. I requested my usual done-ness choice of medium rare.

Tiffany's Steakhouse and Lounge -  Sirloin Steak

On arrival, I saw that my steak had a nice sear. It had lovely grill marks present, but from the looks of it, I believe it was finished by broiling. There was a dollop of white sauce on the center of the steak.

Tiffany's Steakhouse and Lounge - Sirloin Steak Upclose

I always like to cut through the center of the steak to see if my request was accomplished. In the past, I had cut a corner to determine this, but I realized that was unfair as it is hard to achieve medium rare from edge to edge. In this case, I found the steak to be cooked closer to medium. However, the steak was on the thin side so achieving medium rare was a hard task to ask.

Tiffany's Steakhouse and Lounge - Sirloin Steak Medium Rare

Taste-wise, the steak was juicy, but I had to add salt and pepper. I did not find any significant contribution from the dollop of white sauce. I guess the one thing great about eating beef in Alberta is that the beef is of good quality so you know you are one step ahead already.

The twice-baked potato seem to be a staple on the side for dishes at Tiffany’s. I had this side every single time that I have eaten here. The exterior looked a little burnt, but tasted fine. I like the contrast of the crispy skin with the creamy mash center.

Tiffany's Steakhouse and Lounge - Twice-Baked Potato

The side vegetables appeared to be a random assortment. Nothing was overcooked. I like my broccoli cooked just enough to retain the crunchy texture. I absolutely detest raw broccoli and am amazed how others are able to eat them that way.

Tiffany's Steakhouse and Lounge - Side Vegetables

For dessert, we were all servedĀ Ice Cream.

Tiffany's Steakhouse and Lounge - Ice Cream

There was no choice of flavor. Everyone had a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped off with a chocolate brownie and served in glass cup.

Looking back, I realized that I almost always ended up eating at Tiffany’s Steakhouse and Lounge for a function so I have never eaten outside a set menu. Thus, I do not know how representative my experience is compared to a sit down dinner. The only other time that I have eaten here was on Wing Wednesday so that does not help.


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